Audrey Hollander, Serene Siren, Texas Patti, Crystal Rush, Aria Valencia & Jamie Michelle – Sugar-Mama Overload


It's another exciting day at Rachael Cavalli's house as she must once again lecture her bratty teen Aria Valencia about her rebellious behavior. Aria is totally out of control, from going on reckless shopping sprees to disappearing for days on end. This is NO WAY for a teen girl to behave! But does Aria care? Not at all! She just scoffs and brazenly ignores Rachael without a shred of accountability. Well, she's about to learn a hard lesson: Rachael has decided to completely cut off Aria's allowance AND take her car. She'll get them both back once she gets a JOB! Aria is devastated, but the damage has been done. Rachael storms out of the house, leaving Aria alone feeling bitter and dejected.