Avery Black – Neighbor's Noisy Nurus


Avery Black lets her downstairs neighbor, Robby Echo, into her apartment. Robby's been having a hard time living downstairs because of all the noise from Avery's place keeping him up at all hours.

Avery is apologetic as she admits that she does massage work from home. In fact, she'd be happy to give Robby one of her specialty massages to make up for all the trouble. Although Robby hesitates briefly as he eyes the nearby air mattress, he ultimately decides to give it a try.

But when Avery starts explaining the unique nature of the very sensual and erotic massage, Robby is taken aback. However, his reservation quickly passes once he gets the image of a naked, oil-covered Avery stuck in his head… Looks like it's time for that specialty massage!