Eva Aichmajerova,Vladka Kopalova,Rena Riffel – Dark Confessions – Bound Heat


Kate Rodger
Lisha Snelgrove
Rena Riffel
Katerina Kornová
Petra Spindlerová
Tina Wiseman
Eva Decastelo
Klara Hlouska
Vladimirá Kopalová

Dark Confessions
A ruthless lesbian cop seduces and preys on young women leading to false confessions and white slavery

Two beautiful young women on vacation looking for fun. Two dirty cops looking for easy prey. One human auction where the rich, dominant and powerful bid for slaves to satisfy all sexual desires including lesbian submission. They have been located, framed and convinced to confess to a crime they did not commit or face a lifetime in a prison of women…now their innocence will be sold to the highest bidder.