Lucie Haluzikova,Rena Riffel,Marketa Belonoha,Susana Spears – Bound Cargo – Bound Heat


Rena Riffel
Eva Nemeth
Elena Tanchenko
Lucie Haluzikova
Veronika Schobel
Marketa Belonoha
Ivana Chlumska
Susana Spears
Vladimira Renc
Andrea Dolezal

Bound Cargo
Beautiful teens find the price of shelter with this lesbian mistress to be very high.

Running for their very lives in a war torn country, three lovely teens seek refuge in the house of a beautiful sexy young widow. But the price for protection is very high as they are compelled to to fulfill her sexual demands and erotic lesbian desires becoming her submissive slaves. Starring the beautiful talented Rena Riffel as the Mistress. A feature film of women in prison genre, lesbian seduction, lesbian bondage.