Lucie Haluzikova,Vladka Kopalova,Marketa Belonoha – Betrayed Innocence – Bound Heat


Lucie Haluzikova
Vladka Kopalova
Marketa Belonoha

Betrayed Innocence
Innocent teens chained and trained are sold into Lesbian Slavery

A lesbian warden and her assistants control sexy young women in a prison, subjecting them to daily punishments of whipping and domination. They are intent on turning the beautiful sensual teens into submissive docile pleasure dolls preparing them for the Mistress's slave auctions she conducts over the internet. Her pleasure is found in turning straight girls to become her lesbian lovers, but it is only a temporary measure, because it is all about money, and there is always a buyer to be found for these beauties and their future will lie elsewhere. Will any of them be able to resist their fate and find freedom?